Accommodation in the historic centre of Znojmo


It`s summer – and the day`s come to an evening hour,
A sound of angelus bell is coming from the tower,
it leaves the pond still and calm
and to my soul it does no harm.
And out of old stones, above and below,
you can hear some footsteps echo
of chaplains who would dwell here and board,
and pious songs they`d sing to Lord.
All around pure beauty charm,
as if time stood still – what balm!
Have a talk and take a sip,
let fine wine caress your lip,
Cramps of modern time subside
Blessed are those who here abide
Kaplanka – the magic you can`t miss
In old Znojmo – just enjoy the bliss!

Martině Blažíčkové
Jiří Svoboda


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