The city of Znojmo is situated at the very south of Moravia, near the border with Austria and it is the second largest city in the South Moravian Region. Znojmo is one of the oldest cities/towns in the Czech lands, the first references dates back to the 8th century. Discover Znojmo, a city that is rightly called the pearl of South Moravia.

The historic core of the city towers above the valley of the River Dyje which connects the city and the Podyjí National Park - a place where you can feel the history and the surrounding nature will enchant you. It’s the destination of many hikers, cyclists and also boaters.

Discover its romantic hideaways, one of the largest underground labyrinths in Central Europe and the rare rotunda of St. Catherine, enjoy the amazing views from the Town Hall or from any of the tower look-outs in the Podyjí National Park, feel the beauty of the River Dyje and fertile vineyards, enjoy relaxed moments on the nearby Vranov dam. Above all, the history and proximity to the national park makes Znojmo an attractive place worthy of a visitor’s attention.

Places to visit:

  • Princely Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St. Catherine
  • Dean's Cathedral of St. Nicholas
  • Cathedral of St. Hippolyta and the Monastery of the Crossers with the Red Star
  • Znojmo Castle
  • Town Hall Tower
  • City fortification
  • Znojmo underground
  • Podyjí National Park
  • The Kralův stolec tower look-out
  • The Sealsfieldův kámen tower look-out
  • Veterans Museum - the former Municipal Waterworks
  • Brewery at Znojmo Castle
  • Railway viaduct over the Dyje valley
  • and many others …


For more information, visit the City of Znojmo websites - www.znojemskabeseda.cz/en/

You will find an information portal about cultural events and tourism in Znojmo on the following website - www.znojemskabeseda.cz/en/

Tourist guide for Znojmo and its surroundings – www.znojemskoinfo.cz/lang=en